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Our Mantra to add value to the customer delivery whether it's a Consumer Application or Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise Mobility: APPS DEEP

Accuracy- Real time
E nterprise mobility is a channel for distributing information through mobile devices. Data been processed by different key members and across the departments. Accuracy of information and data must be ensured to take right set of actions and decisions.
People- internal or customer
I mportant factor to consider before initiating app development is to understand the behavior of mobile users – how they use their mobile devices, what factors affect their usage of mobile devices, and how to optimize user experience based on these findings.
Process- information, task and operation
Enterprise mobility aims to improve the interaction between people, processes, policies and products. Process must be integrated in way that it comply with all cross functional and business operations in business ecosystem.
Security- information and distribution
C ritical Factor for enterprise mobility to secure the information and distribution channel right information to right people at right time. Enterprise mobility should be designed and validated against all security measures.
H ighly required for management and stake holders to have well designed graphical analytical data very handy and quickly accessible. This provides a quick data and figures to find all critical and important updates on the go.
Easy to use
T he winners here give people just enough information to be satisfied, entertained or to get their task accomplished and usually no more (unless they ask for it).
T he CAPEX (Capital expense) and OPEX (Operational Expenses) of an enterprise could significantly vary based on the choice. Enterprises should, therefore, thoroughly study their mobility needs and then consider their budget to make provision for enterprise mobility initiative.
Performance- instant call to action
W hen a user is mobile, they are way more interested in what is happening right now, just happened, or is about to happen.

Consumer Application: APP Wirus

E ssential as air, this feature allows to track users, and get the full information about user behaviour. On the basis of this information you might see, in which way to upgrade the app.
O ptions, in case it's possible. Personalisation is undeniably loved by everyone. Flexible settings, fonts, colors and sizes are a winner, when it comes to choosing an app among similar ones. Let them make the app look the way they want to.
I n this too competitive, too fast and too active apps world you cannot expect to get users while standing still with your contents for days and weeks. More frequently you can come up with new and relevant contents, better it is for you. Make users accustom to your value with updated information and content every now and then.
Winning graphic design
F inally a great graphic design clearly carrying your brand message and symbolising your utility is a big success factor. Look at big mobile apps of diverse niches and you will understand how quality graphic art made them captivating to the eyes of the users.
T he best market research is putting a product out and seeing if people will buy it. The best business plan is to “create something great and sell it fast”. Build a minimum viable product (MVP) or a prototype.
Rich user experience
I f your app let users utilize most of these handset features, they will find the app brilliant. Engaging users through the interactive features of your app can find you immense popularity.
Updates and Support
T o build a long-standing app, you need to consider support and updates. Ensure that your content is made up of up-to-date, relevant information. Besides content, it is vital to further update the app with fixes and new features in case of necessity.
Social media
S haring into an easy and productive way for other people to get acquainted with you. Such an expression of customer satisfaction brings good initial attitude.

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